Bin Load Auger Strut


The threaded ends of the factory auger support strut are built too light. If the strut is not adusted perfectly, the strut will bend and/or break, usually the left hand threaded end. It is also way more complicated than it needs to be. 

Our support strut is simple, and heavy duty. Should be the last one your combine will ever need. You can fold the extensions whenever you want without worrying about breaking the strut. About the same price as the factory piece.

Elevator Drive Shear Hub


The Part JD Forgot


We have fought the clean grain elevator drive since the S Series came out. 

If you get a rock, or a bolt, or a nut between the elevator chain and sprocket, if you don't keep the elevator chain adjusted properly, if the elevator gearbox goes out, if the elevator plugs, if the elevator chain breaks,  if a bearing on either sprocket goes out, the drive belt will stop. When this happens, the drive pulley keeps turning until the machine can be shut down, most often not before the belt and pulley are burned, usually ruining the belt. Many times the big bracket that the drive jack shaft mounts in will bend, causing mis-alignment of the belt. When this happens, it is a big job removing the bracket to straighten or replace it.

Our shear hub provides protection for the elevator drive system. A simple 5 minute bolt replacement will have you back harvesting as soon as the reason for the drive stopping is corrected. Costs less that any of the components that will be damaged except the belt, and it's not much more than the belt.

It's easy to install, does require some very minor machining which we can do for you or you can have done locally.


Pre Cleaner Cover Panels

These Air-Foil patterned panels fit directly over the front pre cleaner louvers, held on by a bolt and the plastic finger panels. They help to start the separation process sooner rather than letting the whole mixture of seed and MOG drop onto the ripple tin in front of the chaffer. 

It is recommended that the rear pre cleaner section be removed from all Class 8 & 9 Deeres.

Versions available for all STS as well as both early and late S models.