About Us


 Our Journey
Just married, Randy & Carol West started custom harvesting in the Northwest in 1975. We have used over the years JD,CIH, NH and Gleaner combines. All  of these machines have for the most part done a pretty good job of  harvesting wheat and corn. Some specialty crops require modifying the  machine to produce acceptable results.

Since  we are custom harvesting, production is always a factor to being  financially viable. When a manufacturer brings a new model combine to  the market it is of course the best thing that ever happened, it will  eliminate all the problems ever faced with a combine in the past.  Sometimes that is true, but most often not the case. Every machine has  flaws. It is this quest for more production without compromising quality  that has been ever present in our thinking.

 We have had the great good fortune to be influenced by some great  combine minds-men who did not accept a combine manufacturer's offering  as perfect. In the 70's and 80's we were influenced by the great  Ray Stueckle, as well as Bill Schwerin and Eddie Maughn. In later years  Dan Hurrt and Mike Ellingson have been very influential in our  thinking. The best thing gleaned from these individuals is the thought  that you need to think outside the box, and that there is a cure for  almost any problem with a combine.

In  recent years the JD rotary machines have presented many opportunities  for modification as evidenced by the large aftermarket business that has  sprung up for these and other brand machines. As no one currently  offers the products we needed, we have decided to join that  aftermarket.  Our products have been well received and are helping owners have better results with their harvesting efforts.

We  are not perfect, nor do we know everything. It is our firm belief that  if you don't learn something everyday, you are not paying attention.

Give us a call. We look forward to being of help in solving your harvest problems.