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 After over 30 years custom harvesting, using multiple brands of combines, we have run into some kind of problem with all of  them. There is no such thing as the perfect combine. This is due to  many things, mostly that the manufacturers build a combine to be  primarily used to harvest corn, soybeans and to a lesser extent, wheat,  on flat ground. When they get their machine to do a decent job in these  crops, they put them on the market. If there is a problem harvesting  other crops, it falls to the farmer to make the changes that will make  the combine work in other conditions.
Many  times manufacturers will produce a combine in a way that only makes  sense from a manufacturing point of view. It is for these reasons that  we decided to share some of the things we have learned over the years  with others, in the hope that we can help their harvest go smoother, be  more productive, and more profitable. 

Harvest Solutions, Inc.

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